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Overview......A Save For Tokyo City Story

Since the time of ancient Japan, Sumeragi clan has been the leading group of Onmyoujis who guard the souls and spirits. This is a story which concentrate on the social background and the inner feelings of the young leader of Sumeragi clan -- Subaru Sumeragi, his twin sister Hokuto Sumeragi, and their friend -- a generous vet as well as a ying-yang magician called Seishirou Sakurazuka who seems to be hiding his darker side of his character. The three of them help get rid of the darkness in the demonic city of Tokyo.

Tokyo Babylon is a series of 7-volume manga, with its final volume released in 1994. The manga itself ended in 1993.

Two OAVs have been released. The anime stories are original.

Tokyo Babylon 1999 was a live action movie set in the year 1999. It came out several years ago.

Tokyo Babylon Photographs contains about 150 pages of the color illustrations of Tokyo Babylon from manga, CDs, TB1999, etc.
Publisher: Shinshokan
ISBN: 4-403-65008-2
Cover price: 2200 yen

There is a twenty-seven-postcard book with illustrations from Tokyo Babylon.

Publisher: Shinshokan
ISBN: 4-403-61324-1
Cover price: 1300 Yen