Tokyo Babylon Image Soundtrack 2
Retailer: Sony
Catalogue: SRCL-2831
Price: 2800

Here are quick translations of the liner notes.

"All the songs were chosen for the Tokyo Babylon world after the final episode takes place. Most of the songs depict serious themes. We hope you can feel the difference between the first soundtrack album (before the `secret' was revealed) and this one."

I have also included some lyrics, sent to me by Rita Lee. She also sent me some in original Japanese, but I don't know how to put it up, so I just have the English lyrics and the romanji ones here.

  1. Red Moon - Matsuoka Hideaki

    "This is the song we used for the image clip illustration portion for the first OVA. The first song of a TB soundtrack gotta start with Matsuoka-san."

  2. Kiss wa Shonen o Roohi Suru - Tokyo Performance Doll

    "CLAMP has been a fan of TPD since their debut, and we are really happy to be able to include this song. We chose this song because it fits our image of TB itself."

  3. Moon (English version) - Rebecca (lyrics: here)

    "We chose this song for Subaru, because now the `moon' suits him better than the `sun' does."

  4. Yes Mom! - The Boom

    "This song is for `Tokyo'. Please listen to the lyrics carefully - we believe the theme here is similar to what we wanted to express in TB."

  5. Charlotte no Okurimono - Chara

    "This is Hokuto's song. It's a bit mature compared to the previous, more cheerful songs we chose for her."

  6. Be My Cinderella - Minnie

    "We received many letters from our female readers saying how much Hokuto cheered them up. We included this song because we feel it represents those readers' feelings. We wrote the script for the drama CD (coupled with the OVA) while listening to this song."

  7. Solid Gold - Takashima Masahiro (lyrics: here)

    "This song is for Seishirou. We leave it up to you to decide `which' Seishirou it sings about (smile). When we first heard this song, we had no idea who was singing it - were we surprised to find out it is by Takashima Masahiro (Takashima Masahiro is an actor/singer who stars in a lot of comedies.)."

  8. Blue Desert - Zelda

    "This is another song for Tokyo Babylon. TB got increasingly depressing as it approached its climax - we listened to this song repeatedly while working on the final episode."

  9. Yuuzai - The Boom (lyrics: here)

    "We thought this was perfect for Subaru & Seishirou the first time we heard this song. We couldn't decide between `Yes Mom' and `Yuuzai', so we included both in this soundtrack."

  10. Deja Vu - Matuoka Hideaki

    "This is a new song for Tokyo Babylon OVA 2, and will be used at the end the film."