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Thanks.........A Save For Tokyo City Story

First of all, I must thank CLAMP (even tho they don't know me ^^;;) for creating such a wonderful story for all of us fans.

Secondly, I must thank all the people who had been on CLAMP mailing list when I was still a member, for providing these information for me to put this page together. Like I said before, they provide the info, I just put them together at one place dedicated to Tokyo Babylon.

Thirdly, I must thank YOU, who are reading this page this far. Even though I didn't have anything to add in this page after the redesign, you took your time to read up to this page of this website.

Last but not least, Lady Azurite, Obake no Miko, K, and anyone who will submit their fanart in the future.

And lemme point you to my X web page, if you haven't heard about it already, for a continuation of the story of TB, with Subaru and Seishirou as two of the main characters.

I hope you have enjoyed this page.